brand new gear

Ok, now that i’ve got my shiny new mbox 2 all the way from the US, its sitting neatly on my desk as a paperweight. I figured it was probably time to order in the rest of my gear. So last night and a few days back i bought the following items:

from Swamp:

  • 2 XLR mic cables, balanced – 5m and 9m – $11 and $17 respectively
  • Pop filter – a ridiculous $22!
  • midi cable – cheap as chips

If you live in OZ and are looking for music equipment, definitely check out Swamp, they are Australian owned and I was so happy to come across these guys, after searching through the ton of US muso dealers out there (that dont ship to Aus of course).

Also bought from Ebay a new Studio Projects B1 condenser mic. Got it for $165, which isn’t bad. I’ve heard good things about it, so i’ll see how it goes. Apparently it works well with female vocals, which is definitely a plus.

Also bough from Ebay a boom mic stand for around $28 with postage, the best deal i could find. I just need something to hold my mic in one place, so I’m not too picky. Its got two places to attach mics, and mic clips, which im going to remove anyway, at least for my condenser mic to fix the shockmount. Was HOPING that my Studio Projects B1 shockmount will be able to fit onto the stand…lets keep hoping…i did tones of research trying to figure out if its a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kinda thing or there are different ‘sizes’ of stands. Looks like there are indeed two sizes, Europe and US, but apparently the B1 shockmount has a piece that you can remove to make the attachment bigger. So it seems it can fit ‘all’ mic stands. Good-o. Otherwise I will proceed to jump off something rather tall. đŸ˜›

So I think thats about all, will keep you updated on how I go with them when the mysterious packages get delivered.

Message of this post: music is EXPENSIVE.

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