a movie script beginning

new millennium revival. my soundtrack to endless  bus rides to uni. loveless life, cold to the bones and alone. searching for my heart, a soul in life…. its in here somewhere. those were the days, i’ve come a long way from what i called ‘home’.
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funny how the purest form of happiness has a tinge of sadness in it – a treasured moment of perfection upon realising that it, too, is fleeting. ♥

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weee go Acker!

By far the coolest clarinetist that ever lived, just look at how he holds that ciggie and clarinet at the same time… 😉

Ahh to let your hair down and play in a jazz band – these guys know how to live!

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Some topics I’ve been playing around with that i want to write about in the near future.

  • Are you an innie or an outtie? – and thats not about belly-buttons!
  • Is equanimity a life sentence?

Eventually…maybe. 😛

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Sound-blippy inspirational amazingness.

OMG what a video!

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A few good posts:



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